MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database solution. It uses a flexible schema, and stores data as JSON documents. MongoDB has a distributed architecture that can work with a large number of commodity servers in a cluster, and it supports partitioning (sharding) of data across servers as well as master-slave replication of data. As a result of these features, MongoDB is highly scalable, highly available with no single point of failure, and can store humongous volumes of data reliably and cost-economically. This is a Two-days beginner to intermediate level program that gives the developers, data modelers and architects a good understanding of working with MongoDB using the MongoDB shell as well building applications using MongoDB Java driver. The program uses a blend of hands-on work and conceptual learning.


Software developers, data modelers, application architects, solution architects.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to MongoDB

  • What is MongoDB?
  • Collections and documents
  • Comparison with RDBMS

Module 2: Getting Started with MongoDB

  • Downloading MongoDB
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Starting MongoDB services
  • Basic configuration settings

Module 3: CRUD Operations

  • Inserting documents
  • Sub-documents
  • Querying documents with conditions
  • Queries with projections
  • Using various operators
  • Sort, limit operations
  • Updating documents
  • Upsert operations
  • Deleting documents
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Creating indexes

Module 4: Aggregation Framework

  • Aggregation concepts
  • Aggregation pipeline
  • Creating and using views

Module 5: MongoDB Drivers

  • Introduction to MongoDB drivers and client libraries
  • Examples of building applications using Java drivers

Module 6: Replication and Sharding

  • Understanding replication
  • Replica sets
  • Concepts of sharding
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Fees : 12500+18% GST

Date : 26-27 May, 2018

Duration : 2 Day

Location : Mumbai

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