Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has emerged as the go to approach for delivering scalable services to customers and end users. This ‘Infrastructure as a service’ or ‘warehouse scale’ approach enables enterprises to optimize spend on IT infrastructure while improving the reliability and delivery metrics. It represents a fundamental shift in the way applications and services are designed, developed, deployed, scaled, updated and paid for. However the adoption of cloud based infrastructure is not without its pitfalls.

This half day seminar will bring to light the various aspects of leveraging cloud for your IT infrastructure.

Seminar Outline (Duration: half day)

  • Key concepts and terminology of cloud computing
  • Infrastructure, platform, and software as services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of fundamental as well as trending services
  • Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Brief look at some other cloud service providers
  • Pitfalls and concerns of cloud computing
  • Cloud office
  • The “serverless” architecture

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