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Free webinar on Gradient Descent concept of Machine Learning

25th July, 2020

Free webinar on Machine Learning (Gradient Descent concepts)

When? 25th July 2020 (Saturday)
Time? 4pm to 5pm (IST)
Speaker? Pradyumn Sharma

Gradient Descent is one of the foundational algorithms in Machine Learning. It is used for linear regression as well as logistic regression (classification) problems. It scales well for problems with a very large number of independent variables and large number of datasets.

In this beginner-level webinar you will understand the core concepts of gradient descent and build an intuition for this. With the help of a simple example, we’ll walk you through the computational steps of gradient descent, using Microsoft Excel, then a simple program in Java or Python, and finally, a look at gradient descent in scikit-learn, a popular Python library for machine learning.

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Speaker Details:

Pradyumn Sharma is the CEO of Pragati Software, and has 36 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a leading trainer, coach and mentor in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, Agile Software Development, Software Architecture, and Writing Good Programs.To know more about him, kindly click here

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Preeti Sharma (Executive Director)
Ph: +91 98202 93357 / 9167705003

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